Philosophy of the School

"In our holistic approach, the formal, the practical & the scientific are all vitally important while being balanced with intuition, guided by your own spiritual practice and inner Guru." - Duncan Hulin

"Yoga - a way of life" sums up the School's philosophy. The foundations of the school's broad-based approach are grounded in the practise of Hatha and Raja-Yoga. Key points summarising the School’s philosophy are:

  • The ultimate Guru is the Universal Guru within oneself
  • Responsibility for developing health and happiness lies with each individual
  • Many yoga paths are studied so an intuitive & educated choice can be made as to which main path to follow, just as a mountain top can be reached by different routes
  • By purifying our bodies and minds through posture and breath, consciousness can expand to widen our perspective of life. Desire will come naturally to purify our immediate and global environment and to live in harmony with nature and our fellow beings

An ongoing commitment to students

The School aims to help students develop their practice and runs a variety of Continual Professional Development courses throughout the year, as well as retreats which are a great opportunity for students (past and current) to meet and share new ideas. As an active member of the Independent Yoga Network (IYN), we’re also able to keep students up-todate with the latest national and international yoga news and current thinking. The regular newsletter compliled by our students has many useful articles and insights into the world of yoga and always welcomes contributions.

The Devon School of Yoga is a member of the Independent Yoga Network



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"Posture is to be steady and comfortable." - Patanjali 2.46



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Daily Practice

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Duncan's Story

"I've only ever followed what the universe told me to do."

Retreats & workshops


Holistic Yoga Autumn Retreat 2019

8th - 10th November 2019

Rill Estate, Devon
3pm Friday until 3pm Sunday (2...

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North India Spring Retreat 2020

Basunti Private Retreat Centre
2020: 24th March - 9th April

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duncan sangha

Seasonal Sangha 2019

1st March, 14th June & 1st November

Derekthedog yoga centre
With Duncan Hulin & friends

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Devon School of Yoga Video


‘How I got into yoga’

Director of the School, Duncan Hulin explains how he came to yoga and the School's conception and philosophy.

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